Exploring the World

The Scriptures are our authority, but they are not our only source of truth. Nobody learns to drive a stick shift from a Bible study. Or bake a cake. Or clean a wound. Or ask a girl out. Or…

It’s true that there are things we cannot know unless they’re revealed to us. God reveals in Christ, in Scripture, and in the world. The heavens declare the glory of God—it’s right there in the skies; nobody has any excuse for missing it.

Many do miss it, because they want to. And when the pagans tell us what they have discovered about the world, we have to listen with care, because what they give us is always bent toward their agenda—which is justifying not saying “thank you” to Yahweh.

When we embark on our own investigations, thought, we are not hampered in that way. We do want to say thank you. We shall. And we are free to investigate any avenue which may lead us to a grateful understanding of the creation God has given us. So let’s be about it. God has given us a whole world to explore! What little corner of creation will you notice today?


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  1. David Wyatt says:

    I love this, thank you young man!

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