Hi, my name is Tim Nichols. I have had a series of startling encounters with an ancient teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, and through those encounters, He ruined my professional ambitions as an upwardly-mobile professional theologian, and gave me something much better.

The four corners of my life are minister, martial arts instructor, massage therapist, and Trauma Touch therapist. It all comes together in work toward physical healing that takes the emotional and spiritual aspects seriously — or vice versa. I’m still a writer and theologian, but I’m first and foremost a practitioner, so you’ll find me in the studio far more often than the classroom.

I can’t, and don’t, do my work alone. God and my wife are my first line of support. Beyond that, I’m part of the best team I’ve ever served with anywhere. If you’re joining up — and we could use the help — know that we’ll train you, but we’re not looking for followers, we’re looking for colleagues. The harvest is plentiful, and we need the help.

On the team, my focus is leadership development and discipleship. On the geeky/research side, my interests run to recovering robust biblical doctrines of creation and anthropology, and following the biblical models of hermeneutics, exegesis, and application.

Thanks for looking in! Your comments are welcome, and if you want a more private word with me, you can use the form below.


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