Every once in a while, I get in front of a microphone (and sometimes a camera). Here’s where you can find those.

I’m part of the team at Headwaters Christian Resources’ new podcast, The Bible Class Debrief.

I’ve also guested for the short-lived Eden to the City of God podcast:

Episode One

Episode Three: Dust and Breath

I’ve guested for my friend Chris Morrison of Gulfside Ministries:

The Holy Spirit – A Spirited Discussion

Who’s Afraid of a Supernatural Faith?

Drew and Eric have had me on the Provisionist Perspective a few times:

Trust, Belief and Faithfulness: A Response to the Grace Evangelical Society

Fleeing Youthful Lusts and Real Accountability

A Primer on Free Grace Theology

I served on the preaching team for Faith Community Chapel for some time. You can find those sermons below:

Hope in Disaster – 15AUG2021

Is Anyone Sick? – 16MAY2021

Dust and Breath – 18APR2021

Forgiving: Embracing Freedom – 21MAR2021

Forgiving: Honesty – 07MAR2021

Prayer Changes Things – 14FEB2021



Going to Extremes – 22MAR2020


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