Dead Man’s Faith: A Review

25 October 2022

Back in 2019, John Niemela of Message of Life Ministries wrote an article-length review of my Dead Man’s Faith. John sent me a draft of the review before it was published, but I’ve never been able to link to it because the review was behind a paywall.

It is now in the open. The article begins on page 71 of this file.

I’m deeply grateful for his kind words and thoughtful review. I still plan to rework the material into a popular-level book at some point, and when I do, I’ll be taking his perspective into account. In the meantime, if you want the Cliff-notes version of my book, John’s review is a great overview of the high points and I highly recommend it to you.


Bible Curriculum Samples

30 December 2013

Headwaters Christian Resources has just released a brand-new Bible curriculum sample packet containing 3-4 lessons from each of the three years: Old Testament, New Testament, and Christian Worldview. Of course the intent is to fascinate you so that you buy our curriculum when it’s released this spring — but quite apart from that, consider what you’re getting. The samples consist of entire lessons, and most of them will teach well as stand-alone lessons. They’re yours, absolutely free. We encourage you to read them for your personal benefit, and use them in whatever venues you like. Have a look!