Rachel Held Evans, Entered into Rest

It will surprise no one to learn that I have never been a big Rachel Held Evans fan. We differ fundamentally and widely on many things, principally the authority of Scripture.  And yet, as so often happens in God’s family, I would from time to time happen upon something where we unexpectedly converged. Because of course we do. Like Father, like daughter. To a greater or lesser extent, sure. But that’s the journey we’re all on, isn’t it?

I don’t believe that journey will ever really be over; I suspect C. S. Lewis had it right in The Last Battle: “Come further up! Come further in!” Tonight as I write this, she is in Narnia, and we are still here: no matter how we differed a few days ago, she’s out ahead of us all, now. And good for her.

So on the occasion of her passing, I wish to offer a tribute to my sister. Her treatment of modesty made me rethink some things. Her reflections on Sabbath (and also here) were beautiful, and helped me renew my own commitment to accepting God’s rest regularly. Writing pieces like that is real work, and I’m grateful she did it.

She has now fully entered His rest. I look forward to meeting her there. I owe her a thank you.


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