A Praise

Truly, all wisdom is Yours,
And from Your lips come knowledge and discernment.
Before I cried out to You,
Before the prayer was formed in my heart,
Your eyes saw my plight
And You gave Your servant understanding.

Therefore I will praise You while I live,
I will bless Your name in the company of Your saints.
For You have dealt bountifully with me.

Sing to the Lord, my nation!
And kneel before the Lamb, all you nations of the earth!
Serve Him gladly, for He is great;
Inquire of Him, for in Him is all wisdom and knowledge.

He founded the seas;
He conceived the plankton before any existed.
The blue whale is His;
His mouth spoke the hummingbird,
The lions in their pride and the larks in their exaltation.
The ebbing tides proclaim His glory,
And the rising mountains utter His words.

Who is like Yahweh?
Show me, and I will praise him.
Who is like the Son of God?
Display him, and every knee will bow.
But the gods live at His pleasure,
And at His rebuke they will burn like chaff.


4 Responses to A Praise

  1. Jim Reitman says:

    Sure works for me, Bro!

  2. Zoe says:


  3. Michele says:

    Did you write this??

  4. Tim Nichols says:

    Jim and Zoe,
    My belated thanks.

    Yes. The psalm as a genre is part of the culture of Our People, and we need to revive it.

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