Introduction to the Lord’s Supper

The Corinthians’ worship was lacking. The flaws in their practice of the Lord’s Supper in particular were very real, and glaringly obvious. Paul does not sugar-coat any of this; he tells it exactly like it is. But he does this for a purpose, and the purpose is to restore them so that they will stop dividing Christ’s body, and instead unite with each other and worship God together in a way that glorifies Him.

The evangelical world is filled with bad worship. Many believers are disregarding what they do know about God’s requirements for worship, utterly ignorant of the rest, and terribly arrogant in their disobedience—which is to say, they are like the Corinthians. Do not dare to think that this is not your problem. Christ is not divided; these people are wounded and disobedient parts of the same body that you are a part of.

At the same time, do not dare to approach the issue in an arrogant, divisive way yourself. If you do this, your reformation in worship will drive other people away from whatever you are doing—and the more truth you are applying, the more truth you will drive them away from, and the more damage you will do to the body. We must not allow our obedience to become a weapon that further fragments the body. Listen to the Lord’s leading, look for an opening, and be very, very wise. The goal is to stir people up to love and good works, not to alienate them from the very good works they should be doing.


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