The Image of God: Principles and Rescue

We have been looking for the past few weeks at being God’s image, and at Paul’s stunning statement, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.”  We must continue to seek that practical, day-to-day salvation that comes from Christ living in us.

The Bible gives us principles to live by, and those principles are reliable and important.  But apart from Christ, those principles become instruments of death in our fleshly hands.    We got principles at Mount Sinai; if that was all we needed, Jesus didn’t need to come and die.

We needed rescue.  Jesus provided it for us, and He continues to provide it, if we will walk with Him.  My charge to you is to do just that.  Do not make your life a Pharisaical concoction of divinely revealed principles and fleshly application of those principles.  Rather, seek the rescue that Christ provides, abide in Him, and through Him those same principles will become life-giving tools in your hands, which you can incarnate in the world as Christ’s Body, the very Image of God.


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