The Fourth Day of Christmas: Eyes to See

What God calls you to be, you can trust Him to display…but His way, not yours.  

When scandalously pregnant Mary was sent to visit her cousin Elizabeth in the Judean hill country, she found Elizabeth–an older woman, never able to have children–was also pregnant. And her miraculous baby leapt in the womb the moment they met. Elizabeth knew. (You can find the story in the first chapter of Luke.)

The night Jesus was born, angels announced His birth…not to the palace or the priests, but to a bunch of shepherds in the hills outside town. They rushed into town to meet Jesus for themselves, and Luke reports that they left the stable “praising God for all they’d seen.” What did they see? A teenage girl exhausted from labor, her construction worker fiance, and a newborn in a feed trough — a pretty unremarkable sight, surely. But they knew they were in the presence of something special.

Eight days later, when they took the baby to present Him at the Temple, a very old man named Simeon scooped the kid out of a surprised Mary’s arms. The man started raving about how he could die in peace now that he’d seen this kid, God’s salvation. Later the same day, a prophetess named Ana also recognized the baby for who He was. 

Do you notice a trend here? It’s not the kings, the high priests, the immediate family members or business associates that have eyes to see. Often, it’s common laborers, old people, distant relatives, folks outside the power structure. 

What are you called to be? If you think back, you may remember moments when God gave someone–not the person you expected or wanted, but someone–eyes to see what He put in you. Do as Jesus’ mother did: “Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.”


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