Neighborhood Sacramentology: When to Baptize?

In the church we have the tendency to take certain truths about the sacraments and make applications in directions that we shouldn’t, but God has a much different view of the sacraments than we do. We’ve made the Lord’s Table something to be protected, lest some heathen get away with a wafer. No; it is the body of Jesus, and Jesus gave His body to and for the world. Of course it’s blasphemy, but it’s God’s blasphemy. Our job is to submit to what God is doing. 

Likewise, we recognize the importance of baptism, and therefore delay it in order to get all the logistical ducks in a row to make a big to-do. We want to do it in church on a Sunday morning. We want the person to invite all his unbelieving friends and relatives to the baptism so we don’t miss a recruiting opportunity. It somehow escapes our notice that there is no biblical example of delaying baptism for these reasons. A new convert is baptized in the first available body of water by whatever Christian is on hand to do it. 


3 Responses to Neighborhood Sacramentology: When to Baptize?

  1. Lynn Carlisle says:

    “lest some of heaven get away with a wafer”

    Snickering loudly.

  2. Lynn Carlisle says:

    “heathen” (to correct my previous comment)

    Still laughing because I’ve run across that sentiment and it is semi ridiculous

  3. Tom says:


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