Set the Captives Free

Set the Captives FreeWorship is warfare, but it’s far more than that. Worship is ministry to God; an offering to Him. Worship reminds us where we belong, and restores us to that place. It opens up space for us to bring our concerns and requests to God, and hear His voice speaking to us.

Today an album is being released that exemplifies all this. Set the Captives Free is the debut album of Present Glory, a worship band based here in Englewood at Mosaic Community Church.

The album has nine original songs and two covers. The covers are well chosen and well performed, but I want to talk about the originals. The power couple behind the band is Jeremy and Seleste Sault, and most of the originals are Seleste’s work. “Set the Captives Free,” the title cut, is a personal testimony as well as a theological meditation. “No Other Way” is a prayer for deliverance from ourselves. “Power of the Blood” reflects on the freedom we find at the cross. “The Good Shepherd” is a personal walk-through of Psalm 23. There’s more…but you gotta hear them for yourself.

The truths will be familiar enough, if you’ve been around church for a little bit. But there’s something special happening here. Here, you’re not just hearing well-worn truths set to catchy tunes. You’re hearing from someone who knows these truths firsthand, who has lived every word of the song. You’re hearing real worship that happens to have been recorded.

The musical chops are there, but there’s far more than music going on here. I have seen God use these songs to break chains, restore the fallen, heal the broken. I have benefited from them myself. And now you can too.

The album is available everywhere — Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, and probably a bunch more places I don’t know about. (I’m doing well to have the links I’ve got. I don’t know much about music distribution.)

Buy it. Get to a quiet place, and listen. You’ll be glad you did.

P.S. I had a hand in producing the Set the Captives Free Devotional Guide. Enjoy.


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