Finding the Road

Heresies, cults and new religions are the unpaid debts of the Church coming back to bite us; this is true throughout Church history and it is true today as well. The pomo/emergent phenomenon is the unpaid debts of the modernist Church coming back around. It is just not the case that the modernist Church got everything right — in certain areas, we sowed the wind and are reaping the whirlwind. The thing to do is accept the whirlwind as God’s just judgment on our sins, and repent of them.

The prevailing enemy strategy in cases where the Church has unpaid debts is to exploit our very real sins and weaknesses in order to build credibility, which credibility is then imputed to a new (often equal and opposite) set of sins and weaknesses — hence the postmodern revolution in the church, which has led to so much mush-mouthed uncertainty. The other, equally important enemy strategy is to get the old guard to level valid critiques against the new, revolutionary set of weaknesses, and then use those valid critiques to steal credibility from the call to much-needed repentance from the original set of unpaid debts.

See how it works? The young and the restless, outraged by the sins of the old guard, will hear no call to repentance from the old guard. The old guard, outraged by the sins of the young and the restless, will hear no call to repentance from the likes of them. And this, when a lifestyle of constant repentance is what following Jesus is all about.

The devil gets to sit in the corner and clap. He doesn’t even have to do anything.


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