Jacob Restored

“You showed favor to Your land, O Lord; You restored the fortunes of Jacob.” (Ps. 85:1)

Jacob, after a lifetime of struggling with God and men, becomes Israel.

Israel, charged with a ministry to the nations, is unable to fulfill its role.

Jesus becomes for Israel what Israel could not be for itself.

In the person of Jesus, Israel, God’s firstborn, ascends to the right hand of the Father.

The fortunes of Jacob are restored, not by his sword and his bow (Gen. 48:22), but by the cross.


2 Responses to Jacob Restored

  1. mikebull1 says:

    Good stuff. But driving the ungodliness out of Jacob was a two-fold process. Jesus rocked up with His sword and bow in AD70 (Rev. 19) to finish the job.

  2. Tim Nichols says:

    I’m not quite there, Mike. If Jesus was finishing up in 70, He did a rattling poor job of it. The nation as a whole was no more amenable to receiving their Messiah after 70 than they had been beforehand — witness the general lack of repentance and their failure to recognize bar Kochba for what he was.

    Jonah did better than that, and he wasn’t even trying.

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