Pray for Jim

Jim Reitman is a good friend and ally, and the author of the Gospel in 3D series.  He took a bad fall in a cycling accident a couple of days ago, and is in the hospital with multiple fractures — ribs, clavicle, like that.  Please pray for him and his wife Peggy.

8 Responses to Pray for Jim

  1. Jim says:

    Done…keep us posted.

  2. David Wyatt says:

    Praying for him & his family.

  3. kc says:

    Thanks so much for letting us know. We’ll certainly pray for Jim and his family. Please send my love and best wishes. If there is any specific need where we can help please let us know.

  4. Jim Reitman says:

    Hi, guys. There’s no others I’d rather have praying for me! Just what I need.

    How about that? I can type with 7 broken bones!

    Now, about that hermeneutics course this fall at Denver Seminary . . .

  5. Michele says:

    What?? You’re back already? Praise God!

  6. Jim Reitman says:

    Still in the hospital, but they have some good meds. Waiting for them to remove my chest tube they put in for my collapsed lung; hopefully will be discharged tomorrow evening.

  7. Jim Reitman says:

    Chest tube out, and due to be released this afternoon if the x-ray still looks good.

    (. . . and looking to hitch a ride up to Englewood this evening, 🙂

  8. Bobby Grow says:


    I’m praying for you, brother! Sorry to hear about this . . . thanks for sharing, Tim.

    Glad you’re out of the hospital!!!

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