Apologetics Seminar

A local church here has agreed to host a four-week series on apologetics, taught by yours truly and starting this coming Friday (18 July), 7-9 pm in Orange, CA. Sorry about the short notice; we just got the details nailed down Friday night.

I’m titling the series “Biblical Apologetics for Busy Believers.” A rough, and tentative, outline follows:

Session 1: Start with God (Genesis 1-3) — All thinking must start with God, and the nature of God’s claims is such that no one can be neutral. A Christian must always begin with this understanding; to fail to start everything with God’s revelation is to make the same mistake that Eve made in the Garden of Eden. (As an example, we’ll consider a Christian response to the claim that there’s no good historical evidence for Jesus.)

Session 2: Without Excuse (Romans 1) — Unbelief has no excuse whatsoever; the unbeliever really does know the Christian God. To the extent that he refuses to acknowledge the triune God of the Bible, his thinking is futile and his heart is dark. Conversely, to the extent that his thinking is not futile, he is assuming the reality of the Christian God. (Includes a discussion of the Christian foundations necessary for science.)

Session 3: Don’t Get Robbed (Colossians 2) — A believer who allows himself to get sucked into buying the basic categories of unbelief will find himself in deep trouble. Rather, believers need to take seriously the idea that all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Christ. (Includes a discussion of how morality and mathematics both equally presuppose Christian theism.)

Session 4: Answer a Fool (Proverbs 26) — The Bible clearly calls those who deny the Christian God fools, and Proverbs tells us that answering a fool is a tricky task requiring two things: we must not become like the fool, but we must make his folly apparent to him. The biblical procedure for doing this is surprisingly pointed. (Includes a discussion of the Christian presuppositions required for language and literature.)

If you’re local, and interested, use the contact form on my About page and I’ll get back to you with further details.


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