Reading Literally

The covenant with Noah was a terrifying precursor to Pentecost, an outpouring of divine anointing previously unmatched in the history of the human race. In its wake, Noah’s children and grandchildren walked as gods among men, outliving their great-great-great grandchildren and ruling as no one has since. The great river valley civilizations were born overnight, deliberately created from whole cloth by men and women divinely commissioned to build human culture from the ground up.

A non-literal reading of Gen. 1-11 is boring, boring shit. Why do theological liberals persist in the silly notion that Tolkien is better at world-building than Yahweh?

The irony here is that these same people can’t help noticing the evidence of literary design in the text, but can’t imagine that God would display marks of authorship in the actual world. They can imagine God telling a dramatic story, but not making one.


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