Whichever One Gets Hot

Working at Headwaters Christian Resources has been an education in a number of ways, but one of the really great things I’ve learned has to do with scheduling and time management. Headwaters has a fairly substantial list of active projects — especially when you consider that we are essentially a two-man outfit — and an even longer list of potential projects under development.

As I have occasion to share all the things we’re up to, people consistently ask me how we do so many different things. It’s a lot of hard work, I’m not gonna lie. But more importantly, we don’t move forward if we don’t see God going before us. We keep a lot of irons in the fire, all the time, but we only pick up whichever one gets hot.

For example, our most recent project launch was forming a small community of people prepared to serve and bless our city in some very particular ways (details in another post, perhaps). We had roughed out the concept months ago, named the project, and begun preparing ourselves to lead it. But we didn’t set a launch date, didn’t try to force the issue.

Why not? We were occupied with other projects, and aside from us having good ideas, there was no real activity. God was not moving, so we didn’t move either. (By the way, this is a hard lesson for young ministry workers everywhere: God giving you an idea, however brilliant, does not automatically mean that He wants to execute it tomorrow. Look for signs that God is at work outside your own head.)

Just a few weeks ago, we were having a conversation with a friend about our nascent project, and she told us she wanted to partner with us. God was moving, so we began attending to the necessary details. When we discussed the new development with our board about a week later, one of our board members jumped in on the project as well. So we’re off and running, and the whole thing worked without us forcing anything. We dreamed with God, and when He moved, we followed. I can’t wait to see what He does next.


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