Influence through Service

The world wants leaders that are smart, good-looking, dominant, and loud.  This is because apart from Christ, human beings are slaves of sin, and it is an easy step from being a slave of sin to being a slave of another sort as well—and a slave needs a master.  It is also because having refused to worship the Lord of heaven and earth, unbelievers fall inevitably into some form of idolatry, and they will willingly worship a human leader if he distracts them from having to deal with God.

It should be obvious to us that having this kind of leader is not a good choice among the people of God.  In Christ’s church, we do it differently.

Christ came and offered a broken, sin-sick world the possibility of an entirely different way of being human.  He was, and He is, the most fully realized human being ever to live.  He is what God always meant for man to be—and because of this, God has highly exalted Him and given Him the name that is above every name.  He is our King, and every knee will one day bow to Him.

Not surprisingly, then, Christ is our model for leadership.  The people that God wants for leaders are the people who serve willingly, faithfully, and humbly, and this is because these people strongly resemble Christ.

I have worked hard these last six years to be that sort of person among you.  As you go out into the broader Christian world, be that sort of person among them.


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