The Incarnation and the Church

As we have pursued a more formal approach to worship, I have had occasion to formulate a compact charge to the congregation at the close of the service.  Barring the necessity for some specific application to be kept in-house, I will be sharing these charges here.  Below is the charge from this week:

When we sit at the Lord’s Table, Christ teaches us that we eat and drink Christ: He says “This is My body; This is My blood.”

You are what you eat.  To eat and drink the body and blood of Christ is to be the body and blood of Christ in the world.

As Christ allowed His body to be broken and His blood to be shed to purchase life for the world, so He will allow His church to be spent for the life of the world.  Your job—and my charge to you this week—is to reflect that mission in your own life.  Go out and minister the healing of Jesus of Nazareth, first to your brothers and sisters in the body, then to a world that is sick unto death in body and soul.  Do not delude yourself that this will have no cost.  It will cost you your life. But you have already died with Christ.  It is no longer you who live, but Christ lives in you, and you cling to Him, trusting Him to love you, and love others through you.


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