Position Papers

How I Use Greek and Hebrew in my Teaching

1 John 1:9, Confession of Sin, and the Teaching of the Word

Emotion, Objectivity, and Divine Viewpoint

The Total Contradiction between Christianity and Unbelief

Liturgy, part 1: Against Liturgy-Bashing

Liturgy, part 2: Unity and Music

*Fair Warning: These papers are highly occasional. In other words, there is a rough logic to the order of these papers and the confluence of issues that arises in each one, but it is the logic of the needs of a particular church body in a particular situation at a particular time. Which is to say that my writing models are Peter, Paul, James and John more than Hodge, Warfield, Chafer and Erickson. Needless to say, I don’t think this is much of a drawback.


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