Colorado Springs Conference 2011

My thanks to Chad and Karen Wells for inviting me back to this year’s conference, and to Hilltop Baptist for hosting us all again this year.  You can find handouts and audio for each of this year’s presentations below.

“Speaking to One  Another in Psalms” handout and audio (I have to edit the file; sorry. Be a day or two.)

“Telling the Big Story” (for T&T) handout and audio.

“Coaching Prayer” handout and audio.

“Story and Name, Glory and Shame: Speaking to Youth Concerns in a Re-Tribalizing Society” handout and audio.

“Telling the Big Story” (for Trek & Journey) handout and audio.

Colorado Springs 24-7 2011

I had the honor of speaking to the 24-7 gathering in Colorado Springs the evening of March 25, 2011.  As always, I’m grateful to Chad and Karen Smith for hosting me, and I also owe a big thank you to Steve Wilson and the praise team of Mountain View Wesleyan Church for a wonderful time of worship that set up my talk beautifully.  My message was titled “The River of Life” and you can download the handout and most of the audio (the first few minutes got cut off; sorry).  If you want to hear more about how we worship in heaven when we assemble, you might enjoy a paper titled “The Forgotten Sanctuary” that I wrote last year.

If you attended and you’re interested in further discussion on the outworking of the river image, you may also like my posts People of the River and River Evangediscipleship.

Colorado Springs and Denver Conferences 2010

I was invited to speak to the AWANA conference that met August 20 and 21 at Hilltop Baptist Church in Colorado Springs, CO.  Many thanks to Chad and Karen Smith, the AWANA missionaries, who juggled all the necessary details to bring the conference together, and were kind enough to ask me to speak.  Much gratitude also to the people of Hilltop, who graciously allowed us the run of their church for two days.

Chad and Karen also invited me to return for the Denver conference, hosted by Trinity Church in Wheat Ridge, and again, I’m grateful both to Chad and Karen for all their work and to the church for the use of a very nice facility.

Below you’ll find the handouts and audio for each of the five presentations.

“The Lost Art of Mentoring: Lessons from the Life of John Mark” handout & audio

“Passing the Baton: The Priority of Children’s Ministry in the Local Church”  handout, powerpoint & audio

“Got Life?  Sharing the Message of Life from John’s Gospel”  handout, powerpoint & audio

“Postmodernism and Youth Culture: Solomon Was Right After All”  handout, powerpoint and worldview diagram.  (This session was unfortunately not recorded in Springs, but you can listen to the audio of the same session at the Denver conference.)  If you want to further engage this topic, reading Solomon Among the Postmoderns is highly recommended, as is listening to “Christian Hope in a Postmodern World.” To see a joyful Christian response to postmodernism exemplified, read Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl (video trailer here).

“God Made it Clear: Offering a Biblical Invitation”  handout & audio (Denver session audio here)


3 Responses to AWANA

  1. Michele says:

    Hi Tim, this looks like good stuff. Thankful to see the free grace message go out.

  2. Gloria Anderson says:

    Mr Nichols: I’d like to get a copy of the slides you presented during the “Priority of Children’s Ministry in the Local Church” at Hilltop during the AWANA session. The slides reflected statistics on the percentages of children that continued going to church if the mother took them, if the father took them, etc. Thank you in advance.

  3. Tim Nichols says:

    Good morning Gloria,

    They’re on their way.

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